Enthusiasts of the Song of Ice And Fire set understand that George R.R. Martin can be a bit of a troll when it comes to teasing new stuff. All things considered, we have been waiting for The Winds of Winter for five years now, which TBH, is not quite as awful as the 6-year drought between A Feast For Crows in 2005 and A Dance With Dragons in 2011 — but it is still annoying as hell.

Obviously, every time we believe we are done with his games and GRRM, he does something make us come crawling back like Jorah Mormont and to pique our collective interests. Now, GRRM affirmed that there’ll be a good reward for our patience.

The author told IGN that he’s made a decision to move forward having a major story turn of Winter, the sixth episode of his A Song of Ice and Fire saga — one that you will not be able to see on the Game of Thrones of HBO.

It is a turn calling for among the characters the show has killed off. “It is pretty clear since it’s something which calls for several characters, one of whom is dead on the show, although not dead in the novels,” he said. “So the show can not do it, because they’ve killed a character I ‘ve not killed. But that does not narrow it down considerably because at this point there are like 15 characters who are dead on the show who are still living on the books.”

Who could this mysterious character be? Jojen? Stannis? Mance Rayder? Shireen? JON SNOW? (Sorry.) Clearly, GRRM will not give that away, but he did allude to it being a “really organic” surprise back in April.

A year ago, Martin told EW about the “great” turn he was considering during the time. “It is simple to do things which might be shocking or surprising, however they should grow from characters,” he said. “They must grow from scenarios. Otherwise, it is only being shocking. But this is a thing that looks natural and quite organic, and that I really could see the way that it might occur. With the many three, four characters involved… it all makes sense.”

So, while we might have to wait another year for The Winds of Winter, at least GRRM is giving us something to look forward to, because let us be real: From the time he eventually releases that darn novel, Game of Thrones might already be on Season 7.

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