Some do while most users do not spend any money in the cash shop of a game. Just how much is a free to play user worth? How much cash does the typical user spend on a game that is free to play? Well, that depends on the sport!


The chart above is quite interesting; it shows that World of Tanks and Team Fortress 2 would be the best monetized games on a per user basis. Keep in mind, these amounts include players that do not spend a dime and are just averages. The average sales per PAYING user is significantly higher. What is astonishing to me is that League of Legends monetizes not better than DotA 2. I was wrong and I figured that since players can purchase winners in League, the average spend per user would be greater, although I’ve played both games extensively.

Another interesting data point from the very first graph is the games that are most well monetized aren’t MMORPGs. I imagine this is because free to play MMORPGs make virtually all of the money from “whales”, an industry term to get a little subset of players (1% or less) that typically outspend the remaining portion of the playerbase combined. The only MMORPG that makes this list if ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2. Despite being a purchase to play name, its cash store produces substantial revenue. Given the method cash stores are set up in games that are free to play, It Is not unfair to state that the typical PAYING user probably spends more income on a free to play MMORPG, but on a per user basis, MMORPGs don’t do almost as well.